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Development services

Many companies are having difficulties to attract and retain talented IT professionals with the skills required to support the ever changing business objectives. This forms a main reason why many IT projects fail: there is a lack of expertise and the product can't be delivered in time.

Kuryba has a development department in Vilnius, Lithuania. Active recruiting of talented programmers, at universities and in the industry, provides us with a wealth of experience and knowledge in our areas of expertise. Outsourcing software development to Kuryba can therefore assure you that you are receiving advanced, high quality programming services in a timely and cost effective manner.

There are situations when even a firm with a strong development team must outsource programming work. Some common examples are:
When the internal IT staff cannot develop a new product within the required timeframe. Kuryba can help you with (parts of) the project.
When the internal staff lacks experience in the necessary technology platform
When the return on investment of an application doesn't cover the extra costs for recruitment and training of the extra programmers you require.
Consult Kuryba about customising software:
When off-the-shelf is off-the-mark: every organisation is unique and has it's own functions and processes that can only be supported by unique applications. Kuryba develops business applications tailored to your needs.
When existing software packages need to be adjusted or expanded to meet the needs of your organisation.
When you need far-reaching automation of processes and calculations in AutoCAD. Our specialists can completely customize your favorite engineering graphics program, from menu adaptation to integration with your favorite database.

See the overview for our areas of expertise

By clearly defining the scope of the project together with our clients we are able to establish a fixed price.
Contact Kuryba at development@kuryba.com for more information.

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