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The Kuryba Method

We believe that quality of service lies in being able to make a good product that is tailored to your needs, for a competitive price. We have devised a specific approach to ensure that we can always provide our customers with the best quality possible:

We have a process framework with clearly defined phases that is used to guide the project from initial orientation to a successful completion. The steps of these phases are being documented online during every project, so that our customers can follow the progress through their project account on our site.
All projects share the same general framework:

  1. Assessment and Orientation: Assess customer requirements and define business objectives. Work out and evaluate potential solutions. Reach agreement on strategy and project planning.
  2. Conceptualisation and Design: Elaborate the concept. Create functional and graphical design and work out interface ergonomics. Make and evaluate prototypes where necessary.
  3. Constructing and Testing: Development of functionalities, integration with the interface. Internal testing and testing by customer. Fine-tuning for perfection.
  4. Deployment and Evaluation: Deployment of the solution, final tests. Training where necessary, delivery of documentation. Evaluation with the customer.

In addition to this process framework we use our knowledge toolset to continuously improve the level of quality and to make the project process more efficient. The knowledge toolset consists of a set of applications for intelligently collecting and analysing our business knowledge and experience, together forming a knowledge management system where the most relevant information is always available to our people, wherever they are.

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